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Nitpicking. The Final Expression of Fandom. These are the Continuing Communications of Nitpicker Central.

The Continuing Communications Area of NCIEO (Nitpicker Central Internet Extension Office) contains five sections: The Nitpickers Guild Newsletters, Odds and Ends, Brash Reflections, Ask the Chief and This Week at Nitcentral. Please scroll down for a short description of each section.

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I started sending out newsletters in 1994 as a way to keep in touch with Guild members. I still send out a postal version for a small subscription fee to cover printing and mailing cost. However, you're free to read them here or if you like send me a note at and request a free email subscription. (There are usually four issues per year.) See my Notes from the Chief column in the April 1996 newsletter for details.

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Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, pick, pick, pick, talk a lot, pick a little, talk. Here's a collection of stuff loosely related in some way to nitpicking. Just some things that people have sent my way that I thought were fun. Feel free to submit more for my perusal. (However, if you decide to submit something, please try to find out who originally wrote it so I can give them credit!)



It's just what it sounds like. These are first time through, hot off the keyboard, sizzlin' on the telephone line, first impression nitpicking reactions to television shows and movies. Currently, this section only contains a subsection for the Third and Fourth Seasons of Star Trek: Voyager and another for the Movies.

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Questions! I get questions! And while I'm not the greatest Trekspert in the world, I have picked up a thing or two while writing the Guides. And, even when I don't have the answer, I'm always amazed at the number of people out there who do so look around. You may find that someone has already asked your question. And, if they haven't? Send away to! (Click here for the latest Ask the Chief column.)

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Usually, there's something new every week at NCIEO. To help you keep track of the uploads, I created a file called "This Week at NitCentral." (I know what your thinking, "How does this guy come up with such startlingly innovative titles?") If you're a history buff, these files can tell you what's happened since NCIEO went on-line. If you may just want to know what's going on This Particular Week at NitCentral.

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